Chez Briar and Michel

Paved Garden Path

4th November 2017
April 2017 was the month we paved the garden path. Our regular spring visiting friends Richard & Elaine (who most conveniently for us happen to love getting stuck into a project!) dug the side trenches to put in place the wooden edging planks (which hold back the earth in the rose boarders by being just 2cm above the final path level) whilst calculating and doing the lining up of string
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Driving in France Advice

3rd November 2017
Driving in France 1- Drivers must be 18+ 2- Speed limits – 130km auto-routes but 110 in rain (and 110km or 90km in certain signed areas) 110km split dual-carriageways 90km main roads ‘Nationals’ 50km built up areas & villages 30km near schools and dense population Village speed limit – as you arrive at a village you’ll see a sign stating its name – from this sign the speed limit is 50km
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